Madras Theological Seminary & College (MTSC)

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To Provide quality master’s – level (M.Th.) and doctoral – level (D.Min.) research – based evangelical theological education to senior pastors, missionaries and heads of institutions through distance learning modes using the modern information technologies.


To produce practitioner-theologians through action-reflection- actions-methods of continued learning. A postgraduate degree such as M.Th. and D.Min. can provide the pastors with a platform for further research or enable them to develop high-level skills and advanced knowledge to further improve their professional practices – pastoral, missionary and organizational. The ETA will help pastors discover a new way of learning that develops their critical thinking, analytical abilities and curiosity.

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One may wonder what is the need for another higher level theological institution when there are numerous institutions in India. However, in reality, there are a very few seminaries that offer Master’s – level degree programmes in India. And such degrees are offered only as residential programmes. As a result only a very few leaders have access to master’s programmes. Further, the uniform courses offered by seminaries and colleges are not suitable for activists / Practioner – theologians.

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