MTSC Bullitin is the collection of articles, devotion and records of the events which happened in the Madras Theological Seminary and College. The motto of MTSC Bullitin is To Enlight, To Equip and To Empower.

Rev. L. R Arul Sam, Professor of New Testament, acts as the faculty advisor of this board.

Bro. Dilip Kumar, a student who is studying BD final year, acts as the co-ordinator of this MTSC bulletin of this academic year. Bro. Moses, a student who is also studying in BD final year, played a role as content creator in this Bulletin. Sis. Mounika, who is currently pursuing BD Third year, had a role as content creator in this issue of Bulletin.

Bro. Frankyn Jebasingh, studies in second year of BD, captured all the necessary photos for this bulletin. Sis. Princy, studying in first year of BD, and also Bro. Allen John who is currently pursuing BD orientation in this academic year, played their role as designers for this MTSC bulletin.