Diploma Course in Bible Training for Laymen/Women:

With a view to train laypeople for Christian service, the Laymen Bible Training Programme (LBT) offers a three-year Diploma Course in Bible Training. Candidates who have passed Class X are eligible to apply for the Diploma Course, which is an ATA affiliated programme. Classes are held every Monday from 6.00 p.m to 8.15 p.m. The Courses offered are given below:

Bachelor of Christian Studies(B.C.S – S.S.C)

Bachelor of Christian Studies degree offers by senate of Serampore College is designed to provide Christian professionals and laity with academic skills for an in-depth understanding of the Christian faith, history, doctrines and practical dimensions of ministry to interact with their neighbours and professional colleagues in their common quest for the meaning in life. The course is intended to integrate theological education with the professional orientation of the students. It is also offered as an extension education programme and conducted through contact seminars. It is a four-year programme with a shortened two-year version for candidates who have completed heir B.Th. studies with second class.

Fees Structure(Subject to Variation)

Tuition Fees Rs.2500
Administration and Processing Fees Rs.1500
Study Materials Rs.1500
Contact Seminar Fees Rs.2000
Centre Fees Rs.150
Marks Fees Rs.150
Graduation Fee(Final Year) Rs.1000

(All the above mentioned fees should be paid at the beginning of every academic year)

Other fees applicable as per Senate rules

Application Set – B.C.S., Dip. C.S Rs.400
Registration – B.C.S., Dip. C.s Rs.500
Late Registration Rs.300
B.C.S., Dip. C.S. exam per paper Rs.300
Examination with Late Fee Rs.200
Transcript Fee Rs.300
In – absentia Degree Fee Rs.750

These fees need to be paid at the time of registration for the course or at the time of registering for the examination

All payments should be made either by cash / cheque / demand draft in favour of MADRAS THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY & COLLEGE.

A brief History:

Realising the need to provide higher theological education for the senior pastors of ECI, the Bishop – President of ECI deliberated the issue with the ECI Bishops and the Principals of ECI Seminaries and decided to establish the Evangelical Theological Academy (ETA) and give serving ECI pastors an opportunity to pursue post- graduate and doctoral programmes in theology like M.Th. and D.Min. The ECI dioceses and seminaries agreed to work together in setting up this Department in MTSC for the benefit of ECI leaders as well as for the leaders of other denominations. Consequently, the Board of Governors of ECI met on 19th November 2011 and initiated the process of setting up ETA.

The ECI leadership had initially requested the Madras Theological Seminary & College (MTSC) and the Calcutta Bible Seminary (CBS) to jointly offer an M.Th. Degree in Applied Theology, particularly in Mission & Ministry as a three-year degree extension programme from the academic year June 2012.

Objectives of ETA

One may wonder what is the need for another higher level theological institution when there are numerous institutions in India. However, in reality, there are a very few seminaries that offer Master’s – level degree programmes in India. And such degrees are offered only as residential programmes. As a result only a very few leaders have access to master’s programmes. Further, the uniform courses offered by seminaries and colleges are not suitable for activists / Practioner – theologians.

Since the Indian Church is growing in leaps and bounds, there is a great need for producing different levels of leaders. We not only need pioneer evangelists, but also trained pastors, teachers, overseers and bishops, including apologists. The Indian scenario today is comparable to that of the 2nd century AD when the Christians were to live for the faith or die for it. The Indian Church also needs intellectuals, who could argue for the legitimate rights of the Christians. Again, compared to other religious communities, Christians have founded a very few higher – level learning institutions for producing leaders of high calibre. We need Christian intellectuals who could deal with day-to-day ministerial issues as well as social and political problems that confront our ministry.


To Provide quality master’s – level (M.Th.) and doctoral – level (D.Min.) research – based evangelical theological education to senior pastors, missionaries and heads of institutions through distance learning modes using the modern information technologies.


To produce practitioner-theologians through action-reflection- actions-methods of continued learning. A postgraduate degree such as M.Th. and D.Min. can provide the pastors with a platform for further research or enable them to develop high-level skills and advanced knowledge to further improve their professional practices – pastoral, missionary and organizational. The ETA will help pastors discover a new way of learning that develops their critical thinking, analytical abilities and curiosity.


On 27th February 2012, the ATA Regional Secretary, Rev.Dr.Brian Wintle was informed about MTSC’s desire to start the M.Th. programme and Dr.Wintle was kind enough to support the initiative with a detailed reply dated 29th February 2012. In his message, he wrote that, “We are glad to hear about the plans for a new federated M.Th. degree programme. Please go ahead with your plans and launch your programme when you are ready.”

MTSC also informed ATA about the launching of the D.Min. programmes in 18th-20th October 2012. In his reply to the Principal, the ATA Regional Secretary, Rev. Dr. Brian Wintle remarked that, “this is certainly good news, for church -based training is certainly one of the needs of the contemporary church”.

Thus, ETA launched the three-year M.Th. extension programme in June 2012 by admitting 14 persons and the first Residential School for them was conducted during 10th
13th July for four full days with qualified faculty drawn from sister seminaries and theological colleges such as Gurukul.

Entrance Requirement for M.Th.: B.D. or M.Div. or its equivalent.

Duration of the M.Th. Programme:3 years;D.Min.:5 years.


Application Form:Rs.100; Registration:Rs:200; Academic Fees:Rs.12,000/- per year.